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The Cornish town of Falmouth, with a population of 18,000, is an attractive holiday resort, offering excellent yachting, bathing and coastal walks. The castles of Pendennis and St Mawes, built by Henry VIII, guard the entrance to Falmouth harbour and Carrick Roads, a large natural harbour formed at the meeting of seven river estuaries. Falmouth has also been an important port for centuries, from the time of Sir Walter Raleigh. Throughout the eighteenth century and early nineteenth century, Falmouth was the base for the Royal Mail Packet Service, which brought great prosperity to the town. Later, the coming of the railway brought further prosperity to Falmouth as a holiday resort. Click on a selected area of the map below to see an enlargement.

 Falmouth Town Map

Map of Falmouth

Old map of the town of Falmouth circa 1950

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Falmouth Map

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