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Blackpool, on the Lancashire coast, is Britain’s largest holiday resort. The arrival of the railways in the mid nineteenth century saw Blackpool grow from a small fishing village of a few hundred people into a major seaside resort, accessible to the millions who lived and worked in the industrial conurbations of the north of England. The resident population of around 150,000 is swollen each year by more than 5 million holidaymakers, attracted by Blackpool’s Golden Mile of attractions, its miles of sandy beaches, its tram cars, ballrooms, theatres and its 518 feet high tower, complete with its very own circus, ballroom, zoo and aquarium, which was built in the eighteen nineties in imitation of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

 Blackpool town map

Map of Blackpool

Old map of the town of Blackpool circa 1950

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Map of Blackpool

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