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Berwick upon Tweed, now in Northumberland, is the most northerly town in England. Situated at the mouth of the River Tweed, with a population of around 12,000, the main part of the town lies on the northern side of the river and was formerly the county town of Berwickshire in Scotland. Berwick is a market town with a small seaport and, for a long period was strategically important in the wars between Scotland and England and moved to and from control of Scots and English many times in the period around the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries. The town has three bridges over the Tweed, the earliest dating from the reign of James I.  Although Berwick now falls administratively within the English border, it’s football team plays in the Scottish league. The majority of Berwick’s jobs are in the service sector, with smaller numbers employed in manufacturing and agriculture.

Berwick Town Map

Map of Berwick

Old map of the town of Berwick circa 1950

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Map of Berwick upon Tweed

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