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Truro, situated in the heart of Cornwall, at the confluence of the Rivers Kenwyn and Allan, is the only city in the Cornwall and is the county’s administrative centre. Truro, with a population of around 22,000, is well known for its cathedral, while other places of interest include the Cornwall County Museum, the Courts of Justice and the new County Hall. Truro rose to prominence as a market town, port and stannary town during the nineteenth century but the decline of fishing and mining encouraged a move towards a cultural and administrative role, success in which has been helped by good road and rail links. It is also important commercially. The city’s growth looks set to continue with plans for expansion in the form of a large development of new houses. The map below shows the features of the city, its streets and houses as they were in the mid twentieth century.

 Truro Town Map

Map of Truro

Old map of the town of Truro circa 1950

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Truro Map

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