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Portsmouth, Hampshire, on the south England coast, a city of almost 200,000 people, has been an important naval port for centuries and, although its importance as a military base has declined in recent years, Plymouth retains its importance as a Royal Navy base and dockyard, where Nelson's flagship Victory now rests. Portsmouth is also a busy commercial port, serving continental destinations for both freight and passengers. Most of the city is sited on Portsea Island, where the Solent meets the English Channel, the sheltered Portsmouth harbour lying to the west of the island. The 500 foot Spinnaker Tower, situated at Portsmouth Harbour, has proven a popular tourist attraction. The map below shows the features of the city as they were in the mid twentieth century. Click on a selected area of the map below to see an enlargement.

 Portsmouth Town Map

Map of Portsmouth

Old map of the city of Portsmouth circa 1950

Click on the map below to enlarge

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Portsmouth Map

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