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North Berwick

North Berwick is a small seaside town, with a population of around 6000, on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, looking out toward the Bass Rock, home to large colonies of sea birds, in particular puffins and gannets, which can be viewed from the Scottish Seabird Centre near North Berwick Harbour. The town became popular as a holiday resort during the nineteenth century because of its two sandy bays, on the east and west of the town's shoreline, with their associated golf courses, which are open to visitors. Fishing and sailing are other popular pastimes. On Berwick law, there is evidence of early settlement dating back two thousand years. North Berwick harbour dates from the twelfth century and for the following five centuries, a ferry operated between North Berwick and Fife, often carrying pilgrims on their way to St Andrews. Tantallon Castle was built as an early defence against English invaders. The map below shows the features of the town in the middle of last century. Click on a selected area of the map to see an enlargement.

North Berwick Map
North Berwick map

Map of North Berwick

Old map of the town of North Berwick circa 1950

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North Berwick Map

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