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Llandeilo, standing on the River Towy in Carmarthenshire, south Wales, takes its name from the Celtic saint Teilo of the sixth century, who established a small religious settlement on the site of the present church. Throughout the following centuries, the town became well established as a religious centre. Today the town attracts angling visitors, who come to fish for sewin, as sea trout are known in Wales, on the River Towy (or Tiwi) during the summer months. In 1987 a huge flood on the river brought down the railway bridge, and with it a train crossing at the time, tragically killing four people. Local places of interest include Dynefwr castle, with its walled park. The map below shows the town as it was around the middle of last century. Click on a selected area of the map to see an enlargement.

Llandeilo Map
 Llandeilo Town Map

Map of Llandeilo

Old map of the town of Llandeilo circa 1950

Click on the map below to enlarge

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Llandeilo Map

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