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Lanark, former county town of Lanarkshire, is a small town on the middle River Clyde with a population of 9000. Lanark is primarily a market town serving a wide agricultural community in the surrounding farms and villages. It has a large modern market and good road and rail links with Glasgow. The nearby River Clyde is renowned for its excellent brown trout and grayling fishing. Many of the town’s residents now travel to work in Glasgow or Edinburgh. The town has historical links with William Wallace, of whom there is a statue in the town. A popular visitor attraction is the restored industrial village of New Lanark, situated below the Falls of Clyde, where industrialist and social reformer Robert Owen made efforts to improve the working and living conditions of the workers in the local cotton mill in the nineteenth century.  Click on a selected area of the map below to see an enlargement.

Lanark Map
Lanark town map

Map of Lanark

Old map of the town of Lanark circa 1950

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Lanark Map

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