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Kilmarnock is a large town in East Ayrshire, with a population of 60,000. It is said that Saint Marnoch, from whom the town takes its name, founded a church here in the fourth century. Kilmarnock's growth began with the Industrial Revolution, its main industries being heavy engineering and textiles, in particular the making of locomotives and carpets. Kilmarnock had one of the earliest tram railways and the Glasgow and South Western Railway set up a works here, producing nearly 400 locomotives during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The town also makes Johnny Walker whisky, which takes the name of the local grocer who began blending whisky in 1820. The first collection of the works of poet Robert Burns was published here, known as the Kilmarnock Edition. The map below shows the features of the town, its streets and houses as they were early last century. Click on a selected area of the map to see an enlargement.

Kilmarnock map
Kilmarnock Town Map

Map of Kilmarnock

Old map of the town of Kilmarnock circa 1950

Click on the map below to enlarge

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Kilmarnock Map

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