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The city of Exeter is the county town of Devon, with a population in excess of 110,000. Exeter developed as an administrative and route centre, owing largely to its location at the lowest bridging point on the River Exe, and became the major city in the south west. Rich in history, an early Celtic settlement occupied the site of the city in the second century BC.  Later, the Romans built a wall around the city. The Cathedral stands today as one of the city's most impressive buildings. Prior to steam powered shipping, Exeter was a fairly busy port and is still popular as a leisure boating centre. Exeter is now home to the Met Office, the largest weather forecasting organisation in the UK and to Exeter University, another major employer in the town, which is well served by road and rail links, in addition to its own Exeter International Airport, situated to the east of the city. Click on a selected area of the map below to see an enlargement of the town as it was around the middle of last century.

 Exeter City Map

Map of Exeter

Old map of the town of Exeter circa 1950

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Exeter Map

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