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The Royal Burgh of Dunbar, population around 6000, lies on the outer Firth of Forth on the East Lothian coast, thirty miles east of Edinburgh. It has a long history of conflict, the Battle of Dunbar fought here in 1650 between Cromwell and the Scottish Covenanters. Since the nineteenth century Dunbar has been popular as a seaside golfing and holiday resort. Fine beaches lie to east and west. Fossils can be found at the nearby limestone cliffs of Barn's Ness. Important local employers include the famous Belhaven Brewery and Torness nuclear power station. Although agriculture remains important to the local economy, fishing has declined and many local people now commute to Edinburgh to work. Notable buildings include a seventeenth century Town house. The map below shows the features of the town as it was around the middle of last century. Click on a selected area of the map to see an enlargement.

Dunbar Map
Dunbar town map

Map of Dunbar

Old map of the town of Dunbar circa 1950

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Dunbar Map

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