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Carmarthen, situated on the River Towy (or Tywi), is the county town of Carmarthenshire, with a population of 20,000. Carmarthen is one of the oldest towns in Wales with the remains of Roman settlement dating back to the first century. Later, in the thirteenth century, the town was to become one of the earliest medieval walled towns. Up to the eighteenth century, agriculture and associated trades dominated the economy. Iron and coal had an impact in the mid eighteenth century but Carmarthen never developed industrially to the same degree as other Welsh towns like Merthyr Tydfil. Carmarthen was the scene, in 1843, of the Rebecca Riots, when Rebecca and her daughters (400 men dressed as women) attacked the jail in protest at toll charges at the town gates. Carmarthen’s economy now relies increasingly on tourism. The River Towy, on which the town stands, is a renowned sea trout, or sewin, fishing river and attracts many visiting anglers during the summer months. The map below shows the features of the town as it was around the mid twentieth century. Click on a selected area of the map to see an enlargement.

Carmarthen Map
 Carmarthen Town Map

Map of Carmarthen

Old map of the town of Carmarthen circa 1950

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Carmarthen Map

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