Bridgend, in the county of Glamorgan, is situated midway between the major cities of Cardiff and Swansea. The Rivers Ogmore and Ewenny run through the town, the former in particular now having improving runs of salmon and sea trout, or sewin as they are known in Wales. The town has expanded greatly in the last twenty years and now has a population of 40,000. The town, featuring a twelfth century castle, was built at a crossing point on the River Ogmore. The later bridge was severely damaged by a massive flood in the eighteenth century but the bridge remains at the heart of the town. The town grew as a market town but the advent of the industrial revolution and the proximity of the south Wales coalfields had a great impact on Bridgend. By the early twentieth century, Bridgend was a busy market town serving the industrial valleys to the north, with a population of 60,000 and good road and rail links, which have since served the town well in attracting new employers, such as Ford and Sony, since the closure of the coal pits during the Thatcher era. The map below shows the features of the town as it was around the middle of last century. Click on a selected area of the map to see an enlargement.

Bridgend Map
 Bridgend Town Map

Map of Bridgend

Old map of the town of Bridgend circa 1950

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Bridgend Map

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